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Bruce Anchor Motel & Cottage Rentals – About Us

Enjoy the most spectacular view in Tobermory from the Bruce Anchor Motel’s “sunset deck”.  Our deck overlooks Georgian Bay and the entrance to Big Tub Harbour. In addition to the sunsets, guests will have the pleasure of viewing the Chi-Cheemaun, a ferry that transports vehicles and people to Manitoulin Island.  The ChiCheemaun docks very close to our location.  In fact, it backs out of it’s dock and turns broadside almost directly in front of the sunset deck during each of its daily trips back and forth to Manitoulin Island.  Furthermore, a wide variety of watercraft traverse these waters, and the islands make a rugged backdrop to the watery vista.

The Bruce Anchor Motel is located within walking distance of the Chi-Cheemaun.  It is a convenient place to stay overnight before boarding the ferry in the morning!  Anyone and everyone will enjoy the rather fine amenities of the motel and cottages for a longer stay in the beautiful village. Downtown Tobermory, with its cluster of shops and restaurants, Little Tub Harbour, and the ferry dock are within walking distance of the Bruce Anchor Motel.

All 37 deluxe motel units (some offer a glimpse of the water) have balconies or terraces.  Step out for a relaxing breath of fresh air, or to enjoy the scenery.  A two-bedroom suite will comfortably accommodate a family of four, or two couples, or a small group of divers.  All units have a mini fridge with freezer, except the king units, which have a mini fridge. All rooms have air conditioning, free wi-fi, cable tv, and a coffee maker.

We also serve coffee and tea in the office from 5 am until 2 am.  There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance.  We also have a pavilion behind our motel complete with microwaves, toasters, kettles, charcoal bbq’s, and picnic tables, available for everyone staying at our motel.

Bruce Anchor Cruises – About Us

Bruce Anchor Cruises operates within Fathom Five National Marine Park which occupies some of the most pristine waters in the Great Lakes. Fathom Five is home to numerous historic light stations, over twenty known shipwrecks, and Flowerpot Island.

Our extremely unique and modern glass bottom vessels depart Tobermory on a regular schedule.  Our tours operate during the spring, summer, and fall! Within 5 minutes of departing our dock passengers are given an opportunity to view two 19th century shipwrecks, The Sweepstakes and The City of Grand Rapids, resting just a few feet below the surface. Following the shipwreck viewing, we pass by Big Tub Light House (1885).  From there we continue on our way to Flowerpot Island. As we cruise around Flowerpot Island passengers will view magical scenery.  This scenery includes the historic Flowerpot Light station, the light keeper’s homes, the Flowerpot rock formations and more. If you are planning to hike the island, we dock at Beachy Cove to allow passengers to disembark and explore the island on foot for a couple of hours. The return trip from Flowerpot Island to our dock in Tobermory is about 15 minutes.

Flowerpot Island

Just 6.5 kilometers off the coast of Tobermory lies Flowerpot Island.  This island is one of Canada’s most fascinating natural attractions. Flowerpot Island is famous for its natural sea stacks, also known as the “flowerpots”.  Also, Flowerpot Island offers adventurers an opportunity to explore caves, hiking trails, a historic lightstation and variety of rare plants. While the island is only accessible only by boat, Flowerpot Island is the only island in Fathom Five National Marine Park with campsites and hiking trails.




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