Bruce County Documentary on Its Way

The Bruce County, including Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula, have a rich and interesting history that will finally have a chance to be shared with Canadians across the country. The Bruce County Historical Society is currently at work making a three-part documentary series about the area that will air on TVO and distributed to Ontario schools along with a course guide connected to the school’s curriculum. Directed by Zach Melnick and produced by Yvonne Drebert, this exciting documentary will shed light on the complex and unexplored story of the Bruce Peninsula.
A Comprehensive Look at Bruce County
In conjunction with the Living History Multimedia Association, the film will provide an in-depth look at the history of the natural landscape of the area, including the escarpment, the Bruce Peninsula, and various island formations such as Flowerpot Island. The story will be told through interviews, location filming, historical re-enactments and the projection of historical photos and film footage. This multi-dimensional approach will create a multi-dimensional and dynamic portrait of the Bruce Peninsula and the surrounding area.
An Indigenous Perspective
One of the most exciting aspects of this new documentary project is that it will provide a platform for native voices to speak about the indigenous history of the area. Bruce County was originally the territory of the Saugeen Ojibway, and so the documentary will begin with their experiences of the area. The documentary will also cover Métis and European fur trading within the Bruce County, as well as the history of lumbering, farming, nuclear power, tourism and much more within the area.
This documentary series will give exposure to one of Canada’s most interesting hidden gems. Tobermory and the Bruce Peninsula contain beautiful nature wildlife and a rich and interesting history. At The Bruce Anchor, we are dedicated to giving our guests a chance to see all the beauty and splendour of the area, which is why we offer our famous glass bottom boat tours. Book a stay with us at The Bruce Anchor and discover all there is to explore in Bruce County. For more information about our services and accommodations, contact us today!


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