Discover Flowerpot Island with The Bruce Anchor Cruises

Flowerpot Island is an island within the Fathom Five National Marine Park in the Bruce Peninsula. With a wide range of wildlife, incredible sweeping views, and beautifully preserved historical relics, Flowerpot Island is one of Ontario’s most amazing natural wonders.

At The Bruce Anchor, we offer glass-bottom boat cruises across the Bruce Peninsula so you can get an in-depth look at the natural beauty of the area. You can also explore the full majesty of Flowerpot Island for yourself on our boat cruises. Here is some more information about Flowerpot Island, one of Canada’s hidden natural gems.

What Makes Flowerpot Island So Unique?

Accessible only by boat, Flowerpot Island is located about 6.5 kilometres away from the shores of Tobermory. Flowerpot Island got its name due to the number of sea-stack formations, known as flowerpots, the surround the island. Flowerpots are a type of rock formation created over many years. Wind, rain, ice and snow chipped away at the cliffs that stood on the shore of the island, resulting in a series of these free-standing rock structures. Theses wondrous natural phenomenon are one of the main attractions of the island.

Flowerpot Island Lighthouse

The other unique attraction of Flowerpot Island is the island’s lighthouse. The original lighthouse building was burned and pushed off a cliff in 1969 and replaced with a steel tower but much of the original light station buildings, including the lightkeeper’s home dating back to the early 20th century, remain on the island today. Thanks to the Friends of Fathom Five and Canadian Coast Guard, these historical relics continue to be preserved for future generations to enjoy. At The Bruce Anchor, we offer a tour of the preserved light station so you can get a closer look at this little slice of Canadian history.

Flowerpot Island is one of the most beautiful natural wonders in all of Ontario. It is a great place to explore for both nature enthusiasts and history buffs alike. See Flowerpot Island for yourself with a boat tour from The Bruce Anchor. For more information about our glass-bottom boat tours and luxurious accommodations, contact us today.


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