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Explore Tobermory.  Part of Bruce County, Ontario, visitors can find Tobermory by following Hwy 6 North until it reaches the sparkling waters of Georgian Bay.

Known as the “scuba diving capital” of Canada, Tobermory is blessed with two harbours – “Little Tub Harbour” and “Big Tub Harbour”.  Tobermory is also home to a unique downtown area that wraps around Little Tub Harbour.  As well, Tobermory is the home port of the ChiCheemaun during its sailing season.

Little Tub Harbour is the commercial hub of Tobermory.  Especially relevant, the quaint downtown hugs the harbour, setting the stage for for visitors to enjoy an easy stroll through the village’s specialty shops and restaurants.

Big Tub Harbour is one of the deepest freshwater harbours in North America. Two of Tobermory most popular shipwrecks are located at its shallow end.  These wrecks can be viewed aboard Bruce Anchor Cruises’ glass bottom boats.

Flowerpot Island is part of Fathom Five National Marine Park.  Bruce Anchor Cruises provides transportation to and from Flowerpot Island on a daily basis. Visitors can hike the island’s trails and view the sea stacks (flowerpots) for which the island is named.  For updated project developments on Flowerpot Island, visit Parks Canada.

Visitors to the area can also enjoy the St. Edmund’s Museum, the Bruce Peninsula National Park, the Bruce Trail, and a nine-hole golf course complete with mini-golf for the kids.

Finally, for more information on Tobermory attractions and events area visitors can contact the Tobermory Chamber of Commerce.



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