Little-Known Facts about the Bruce Peninsula

The Bruce Peninsula is one of the most breathtaking areas of Ontario. Known for the diverse aquatic life of the Fathom Five National Marine Park and the winding scenic beauty of the Bruce Trail, this historically rich area is unique within Canada. Great for nature lovers and history buffs, the Bruce Peninsula is predicted to become one of the most popular destinations for visitors in the province. Here are a few little-known facts about the Bruce Peninsula and its interesting history.

Indigenous History

The contribution of First Nations communities is a significant part of the story of Canada, but the history of Indigenous peoples in the Bruce Peninsula is often not recognized. Many people don’t know that up until the mid-1800s, the area was controlled by the Saugeen Ojibway Nations, including the Chippewa of Nawash Unceded First Nation (Cape Croker) and Chippewa of Saugeen Unceded First Nation (Chippewa Hill). Oral history suggests that these communities have been in the Bruce Peninsula area for over 7500 years. Hope Bay is referred to by native communities as Nochemoweniing, or Place of Healing.

Unique Fossils

Another interesting piece of history that not many people know about the Bruce Peninsula is that it is home to some of the oldest fossils on record. Archeologists have discovered the fossils of sea scorpions in local quarries that date back as far as 430 million years ago. These species of scorpion, only discovered in this area so far, are called Eramoscorpius Brucenis after the Bruce Peninsula. These historically significant fossils are currently on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

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