Bruce Anchor Cruises operates within Fathom Five National Marine Park which occupies some of the most pristine waters in the Great Lakes. Fathom Five is home to numerous historic light stations, over twenty known shipwrecks, and Flowerpot Island.

Our extremely unique and modern glass bottom vessels depart Tobermory on a regular schedule.  Our tours operate during the spring, summer, and fall! Within 5 minutes of departing our dock passengers are given an opportunity to view two 19th century shipwrecks, The Sweepstakes and The City of Grand Rapids, resting just a few feet below the surface. Following the shipwreck viewing, we pass by Big Tub Light House (1885).  From there we continue on our way to Flowerpot Island. As we cruise around Flowerpot Island passengers will view magical scenery.  This scenery includes the historic Flowerpot Light station, the light keeper’s homes, the Flowerpot rock formations and more. If you are planning to hike the island, we dock at Beachy Cove to allow passengers to disembark and explore the island on foot for a couple of hours. The return trip from Flowerpot Island to our dock in Tobermory is about 15 minutes.[